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OPVS bridges the gap between visionary ideas and tangible results. Dive into a world where technology meets creativity, and your dreams become digital realities.

How we work

Blending creativity with technology, we craft software solutions that not only resonate with your unique vision but also propel your business towards unparalleled success.


Teaming up closely, we ensure your voice is heard and integrated at every stage.


Tailored solutions, driven by the latest tech and best practices, to meet unique needs.


We treat your project as our own, infusing it with fresh ideas and unwavering dedication.


Timely delivery with an emphasis on excellence, ensuring enduring product success.

What we are offering?

From the seed of an idea to the final product, our comprehensive services ensure your digital journey is seamless, innovative, and impactful.


Transforming vague concepts into concrete plans. We assist in shaping your project, defining its scope, and validating the idea to ensure it's both viable and valuable.

Mobile Development

Bringing your vision to the palm of your hand. We develop intuitive, high-performance mobile apps tailored to both user needs and business objectives.

Mobile Development
Frontend Development

Crafting visually stunning and responsive interfaces. Our frontend development ensures your users enjoy a seamless, engaging experience across all devices.

Frontend Development
Backend Development

The backbone of your digital solution. Our backend development ensures robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure, powering your applications seamlessly.

Backend Development
UI/UX Design

Designing with the user in mind. Our UI/UX services focus on creating intuitive, user-friendly designs that enhance engagement and drive conversions.

UI/UX Design

Streamlining operations for peak performance. Our DevOps services ensure continuous integration and delivery, optimizing both development and deployment processes.



Showcasing our digital craftsmanship, each project tells a story of innovation, collaboration, and dedication. Dive into our diverse portfolio and witness our expertise in action.


Crafting a holistic digital art experience, Muro is a testament to our versatility. We developed mobile and TV-specific Android applications, a backend system, an admin panel, and automated deployment pipelines. Users curate or select art collections, mirroring the Spotify experience, where the TV app is controlled via mobile.

muro showcase

A race against time, Thorchain's website was a challenge we embraced and conquered. With a tight 10-day deadline, our collaboration with Open Telos ensured a successful and timely delivery.

thorchain showcase

Revolutionizing NFT trading, Neoswap integrates AI-driven suggestions directly into your browsing experience. Our Chrome extension offers AI trade prompts on NFT marketplaces. Additionally, we developed a Discord bot for community trades and a Solana-based mobile app, bringing Neoswap's vision to handheld devices. This project was in collaboration with Open Telos.

neoswap showcase

Conavio serves as a culinary compass, guiding users in meal planning and nutrition management. We crafted mobile and frontend applications, backend infrastructure, and ensured smooth operations with DevOps. Originating as an Open Telos product, Conavio marks the inception of our fruitful partnership.

conavio showcase
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